Dally's captivation for royalty appeared from her childhood memories. First in her inheritance history of royalty from both side of her family, and secondly as she remembered watching historical movies about the royal monarchy at her grandmother's apartment.

The beauty, the romance and the royal etiquette was very inspirational to her.



Distinguish Yourself.

We believe in empowering women and men to look and feel their best about themselves. Our ultimate goal is to translate Self respect, Self worth and Success in every piece created in our different collections.

We wanted to incorporate Exclusivity and Authenticity to describe and represent our modern society as it's highest level. 



We value Respect, Culture, Class, Modern Elegance, Luxury, Innovation, Achievement and Style Etiquette.



We truly believe Art is The True Essence and Element That connect all of us in many different ways.

We view clothing as a valuable

communication tool, used to express and reflect

who we are and who we want to become.